Final Year Project 2011-2012

This year, I’m working with three final year students. The students and their respective projects are:

  • Web based image analysis tool for manipulation of text in images: The objective of this project is to extract text from specific images, attempt to remove said text from the image and superimpose text in an alternative language on the image. This can be useful in the process of translating mobile applications. In conjunction with Tethras. Student: Sean Claffey
  • Development of HTML5 mobile client and backend for travel health application: The objective of this project is to develop a mobile web client which can access a traveller’s health related information when on the go. The application should connect to a back end which can serve information such as what diseases a traveller is vaccinated against, when they were innoculated, etc. One interesting aspect of the project is to leverage HTML5 capabilities of modern mobile browsers including Geolocation, persistent storage and offline use. In conjunction with 3strata. Student: Mary Seery
  • Development of web based IDE for Go on Google App Engine: The objective of this project is to develop a Go IDE specifically targetted at Google App Engine which can operate in a browser. The IDE will integrate with github and support deployment on GAE. It will also comprise of some reasonable default application configurations. Student: Jonathan Kelada

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