October 2010 Dublin GTUG

Another interesting night at the Dublin GTUG. We had a very full house last night, what with about 50 folks in attendance – we made an effort to reach out more to students and there was an excellent response.

The evening started with Nick Johnson giving an overview of how Google built App Engine – what problem it was intended to solve, ie making it easy to scale web apps, and what solutions Google arrived at. Nick talked about the different components of App Engine and talked about the how the Datastore works in a bit of detail. There were quite a few questions from the crowd, ranging from issues pertaining to video serving via App Engine (me!), to costs of App Engine, to standardization of App Engine interfaces and Google support of App Engine going forward. A very interesting discussion indeed. Slides here.

Following the break, there were two short talks. The first one, in a series we’re calling Frontline Dispatches – where folks share their war stories – focused on the use of the Maps JS API v2/v3 in the hittheroad.ie application. Fintan Fairmichael talked about how they had used Maps to support their routing application, problems they had, eg issues with street name autocompletion, work involved in moving from v2 to v3 of the API, etc. Slides here.

The second of the short talks was in the Student Showcase series, in which a student showcases their work. Note that the work does not have to be complete (although we do feel that it is important to have something to demo!). Mark Ahern from UCD Computer Science showed his work to date on realizing a web-accessible EC2-hosted Android emulator for remote testing of apps. Slides to be supplied.

I’m told the usual suspects went off to the Schoolhouse for a swift half, but I couldn’t make it on this occasion.

We’re hoping to have a talk on App Marketplace next month – stay tuned to the group for more info.



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