JQuery, JSON and GAE…and then a little REST

Working with JQuery, JSON and GAE proved to be a little less plug and play than I had envisaged. I’m working on a small project in which I’m using client side JQuery to make Ajax calls to a GAE backend – I’m using JSON as the lingua franca between front and back ends, for no other reason than that I like it better.

My requirements to date have been:

  • Client-side JQuery makes Ajax call to backend, backend to return list of objects from data store;
  • Backend makes REST interface available to provide flexible access to data store

Some issue arose in each of the above which I’m noting here.

Getting GAE to return a list of objects serialized into JSON was not so difficult. There is a discussion on stackoverflow which focuses on exactly this issue – this discussion provides a JSON serializer for GqlQuery objects which can be dropped into the GAE app and imported. I did have to extend the serializer as it doesn’t have great coverage for all data types: in my case, I had to add handlers for a date.date type and a db.Query type. The file should probably be put on github to allow for anyone to add extensions to it.

Getting the REST stuff working was quite a bit more complicated. I chose to use the appengine-rest-server library as it seemed to have been around for a while, have pretty good functionality – JSON support in particular – and it is seeing a significant amount of downloads from code.google.com.

The library is easy to use – just create a rest directory in the project, drop the __init.py__ file into it and import into the main project. It requires a few configuration parameters to be set, eg the endpoint which handles the REST – I did run afoul of some GAE persistency issues with this – the parameters need to be set in code that only runs once in a given run-time.

Once I had the server running, retrieving XML from it proved simple. I encountered two further problems retrieving JSON from it. Firstly, the library expects the HTTP request header to include an Accept field which is exactly ‘application/json’. Setting this was a bit difficult – JQuery does provide for this using either the ajaxSetup() call or the beforeSend: parameter in the ajax() call. However, browsers do not fully respect what they are instructed to do, which makes the process more complicated.

The second, related, problem arose in the way the REST library deals with Accept field. Its MIME type pattern matching algorithm has particular behaviour, which means that an Accept field of the form ‘application/json, */*’ is interpreted as requesting XML rather than JSON. This seemed a little surprising to me, and I made some small modifications to the library to just return JSON, as this was what I was most interested in.

Having resolved those issues, the basic JSON plumbing seemed to be largely working as one would expect. The process seemed a little more niggly than I had expected, which leads me to believe that there aren’t lots of folk out there who are using these technologies together right now.


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