Simple Javascript HTTP Request Generator

I wanted to have a simple HTTP request generator for some work that I’m doing. I did not want to have the HTTP generated by a standalone application; rather, I wanted it to be generated from some Javascript running within a browser. I could not easily find some functionality which did this, so I decided to roll my own.

The generator is here. It’s a simple JQuery based Javascript app embedded in HTML5 (ish)/CSS3 page. It’s been validated by the W3C HTML Validator, so it might work across browsers; I tested it on Chrome 6.0 on Mac OS X Leopard and it did what I wanted it to do.

One issue which I did not really think about before starting this small work was the Cross Site Scripting (XSS) issue – it’s not possible to request an arbitrary web page from Javascript that is downloaded from a specific server. This did impose limitations on what’s possible – essentially, I’ll have to add this page to any web app that I need to use it in.

The system comprises of a single page. At present, it’s housed in an AppEngine application, but as all the functionality is in a single web page, it can be just downloaded, copied on to any server and used to send requests to the server. (My AppEngine app has some extra backend functionality to make sure the client side is doing what is should be doing).

What functionalities does it provide? It can generate GETs and POSTs (my main motivation was to have a simple way to generate POSTs), it can emulate different user agents, parameters can be added to the request and the response is shown on the page.

The functionality is certainly quite limited – it’s easy to envisage lots of ways to extend it – but it was a reasonable test tool for some of the web app development I was doing.

I may extend it in the future – improve the UI, add more control over the HTTP generated, improve the error checking, provide a way to make it easy to update, load jquery via google libraries API, modify the ‘URI’ terminology as it’s inaccurate etc – but for now, that’s all he wrote.

Comments/suggestions/reasons why this is redundant(!) welcome.


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