Final Year Projects 2010-2011

I spent a little while thinking about final year projects for Computer Science students for the 2010-2011 academic year. I really think good, motivated undergraduate students can be a joy to work with and they can do some really cool stuff if given proper encouragement and support.

Here are the projects that I’ve put into the system (in no particular order):

  • an EC2 based Android test environment which can be accessed via a browser. For remote testing of Android apps, it would be great if testers could receive an email, go to a link, log in and perform some tasks on the app without needing to install the Android emulation tools locally. That’s the problem this project is trying to solve and I’ve put together a solution that can work on paper – let’s see if it can work! In conjunction with Tethras.
  • a system which enables a screen to access a proximate user’s private information when authorized by the user’s mobile. The system builds on top of the LocalSocial technology (which facilitates device-social network identifier lookup) and can be used in the context of this project to enable a person to interact with an application running on a screen in a more personalized manner. More specifically, this project will enable a user to interact with a public screen in a company’s reception to leverage LinkedIn information to see who the person knows in the company. In conjunction with Rococo Software.
  • extensions to XBMC to provide support for unified communications. This will allow XBMC to integrate with presence services (delivered primarily over XMPP), VoIP services (we plan on using PJSUA) and video services (with some mix of v4l and ffmpeg). The details on this one require further thought and I suspect we won’t get everything figured out until the student gets stuck in to and understands some of the internals of XBMC. Preassigned project.
  • understanding the types of folk who frequent different places: This project was somehow inspired by the ideas of the CrowdScanner folks in Galway; however, this project proposes quite a different approach. The project will primarily be a foursquare/hunch mashup in which when a user checks in on FS, they will simultaneously declare that they like the place on hunch. We can extract what correlates with liking a particular place from hunch to get some feeling for what people are like who frequent a given venue. Preassigned project.

I’m also working with Antonio and Martina on a project to try to pull together content relating to a particular topic which may be taught by a lecturer or learnt by a student. It’s something like the Einztein guys are trying to do, but with more of an emphasis on higher level courses.

The projects are being reviewed by a committee in the dept, so they may change a little. However, I’m expecting that they should at least be put out to the students. Hopefully, they’ll all go ahead as I think they’re really interesting projects.

It’s interesting to note that 3 of the projects have an Android emphasis. I guess I think this is a better skill for students to know going forward. Also, it can be a bit easier to work with.

If anyone has seen some variant of these being done before, let me know, so we don’t end up reinventing the wheel!


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